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Comedy Palace: Carlos Azaraqui

23 Jul

Carlos Azaraqui and Me


This was a great night!

Savadra had tickets to the American Comedy Company and while we were on our way, I got a text from The Comedy Palace for free tickets to a show happening that same night with Carlos Azaraqui (Reno 911, the voice of the Taco Bell dog). I quickly made reservations!! The show at ACC ended in enough time for us to be there on time.

We’ve been there before for Mario Joyner which was a GREAT show! The line wasn’t that long to get in, which was GREAT, too.

The show was hosted by Zach Miller who broke down the house rules. We were veterans this time, so we knew what to expect – so we thought. He added some additional rules this round.

The first comic was Russell Hicks. THIS GUY IS HILARIOUS. The last time we were there he was the last opening act and he had us in stitches with is “improv” style, this time he was the first. I knew we were in for a good show with that arrangement. He’s skilled enough to keep the audience with nonstop laughs.

The next comic was a brother named Leo Flowers. Originally from Chicago, he was HILARIOUS, too. He covered domestic violence with grapes, his father, the audience and his light brown eyes (as well as how men deal with looking at them).This guy was as good as the headliner. He took Russell’s skills to the next level. I’d see him again.

The last guy was Carlos Azaraqui. This man was VERY funny. He talked about his 12 month old and how she keeps him up all day. He talked about being from a family from Argentina (he did an impression of his Mom – great stuff). He did sound effects, too. I plan on keeping up with him.

Quick story: While we were outside waiting to get in the club, we noticed these two guys who were , obviously, acts from the club, a tall black man and a short white-haired white man. I approached them and talked to them as if they were opening acts that I had seen before at the Comedy Palace. I’m being confident that I’ve seen them before and they confirmed I was wrong. Well, once they got onstage I didn’t realize that I was talking to Leo and Carlos. I felt like a complete dummy! I posted it on my wall that night (June 29, 2012).Wow.

Overall, the show was great!To be able to catch two shows at two venues in one night was even better!


American Comedy Company: Jacob Sirof and Freddy Lockhart

16 Jul

Kevin :

We were on our way to finding the parking garage that Savadra went to when she went to the show with my Dad. Parking was gonna be $10 and we only scraped up $9.60 because we didn’t want to go to an ATM at all. Not only did the guy take it, but he also VALET parked the car!

Savadra scored some tickets to the American Comedy Company, again (If you follow, you know her and my Father went first!). We have date nights and we use Groupon and other services to go on lovely dates. This time I went.

Nice quaint spot. When you go inside along the wall to the left are all the comics who have just appeared within the last month or so. Big names have been there. That was cool.

Once you get to the “comedy room” it opens up to seats ahead all long the stage. Some seats have a small table for food and/ or drinks. They had a two item minimum, meaning you could get food and a drink and you’ve met their requirements. We got there at Happy Hour so that was definitely “on the money”.

We had some great appetizers and I got to order a craft beer. You should know by now, I’m into the craft beers, buddy. See why here.

Anyway, the opening act was a guy named Fernando who also played host. He was funny. His jokes were about Mexicans, him being one (I found all but one comic said something about Mexicans).He also has a medicinal choice for ladies experiencing PMS. You’d have to hear him explain. Good jokes, good guy.

Then there was a brother named Pritchard who did his thing, mainly, about how we as people do some silly shizz everyday. What I liked was how he explained Old Rap and New Rap. Great description AND song! You’d have to hear him, too. As a matter of fact, I told him we’ll see him again.

Freddy Lockhart was the first headliner. He was a half white/half black man who used this to his advantage with his jokes. He described the plight of being both and the differences on what both races say and do THAT ARE STUPID. I like this kind of humor! He let everyone know who stupid we can all be. He went into dogs which led him into some FANTASTIC impressions. I’d see him again.

The last guy was Jacob Sirof. This guy was on Last Comic Standing. He was an excellent comic. It seemed like his whole act was improvisational. He went in on a lady who sat in the front row. He went in on my wife because of a question he asked about Oprah. He went in on a few “Pinoy” guys who were sitting shoulder to shoulder watching the show. This guy was EXCELLENT.A must see. I’ll be following him on twitter.

Overall, the show was fun and started on time and ended on time. We were on the way to our next show at the Comedy Palace that night, so, the timing worked out in our favor.

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