The Comedy Palace

2 Jul


Anther night of comedy to add to the notches on my comedy belt lol.  We ahd the pleasure to see the comdey of Mario Joyner.  I love Aferican American comedians because they are able to say a lot that otheres cannot becasuse most races have to be politically – comically correct.  And us African Americans can take you to a whole other level when it comes to comedy.  For instance… Mario comes from a family of 8.  When asked how may boys to girls ratio… He has it classified as “3 shooters and 5 non shooters”.  Only my people!  I love my people lol. I have to say that Mario is very talented as a comedian and doing it for 20+ years makes him great at what he does.  And I have to admit that I couldn’t stop laughing the whole set.  

I also love the fact that the Comedy Palace showcases local talent.  Locals are the ones that end up making it big somewhere.  And if they choose to stay local they can still pay their bills!  I sooooo am glad that I have had the chance to see approximately 10 local San Diego comedians over the past few months (4 of which I saw at the Comedy Palace).

 From local comedians to local bands… San diego is very supportive of their own and will find a way for you to get your voice heard! 

You can always find something to do locally and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to create some great memories!!!


The Comedy Palace

I love comedy. I love to laugh. If you know me well enough, you know I laugh at everything.

So, a trip to The Comedy Palace to see Mario Joyner (Everybody Hate Chris, Comedy Central) hit the spot! The host started off with some “House Rules” that involved how to clap and cheer the acts. I was included in the instructions being the only “brother” in the audience, supposedly. You have to go to hear the rules because I’m not going to spoil it for anyone. The acts included:

  1. The Host – Zach Miller – This guy was definitely on point with the jokes. He kept the show flowing. A great talent.
  2. Matt Blag/Black? – This guy has a slow, “dry” since of humor for the intelligent listener. If you don’t pay attention to his slow pace, you could actually have a joke go straight over your head.
  3.  Zara Mizrahi – Female comedian who is a “Mexican Jew”. This girl was funny as hell.Very energetic. Quick witted. She has her stuff on iTunes, as a matter of fact.
  4. Russell Hicks – This guy was a regular there but hasn’t gotten popular enough to go on to Los Angeles to gigs there, too. Now this guy was extremely funny, witty and SHARP with the jokes.I can see this guy headlining, if he doesn’t already. His jokes were NON STOP!!
  5. Mario Joyner – The headliner. I’ve seen this guy all over Comedy Central and a number of TV shows, so, I knew who he was. I didn’t know he was as funny as he was. Yet, I knew he was a funny guy. On the way home, me and Savadra kept quoting him during the drive and we were cracking each other up (eve without his same delivery!).

Overall, the place had great food and drinks and the show was worth it. It also felt great to come into the show as VIPs. The line was long getting in, when all of a sudden, the line was roped off and we came in. Groupon did it again!!


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