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Hiking Torrey Pines, Differently

20 Aug


Ink at Torrey Pines..Looking Good, baby!


We did it again! Savadra is on a STRONG campaign for the two of us to hike. She even has a Hiking app in her phone! Her goal is to hit 21 trails listed in the app! I’m all for it.

It’s at the point that every Friday after work, my boss/buddy asks me where I’m hiking. He just takes it for granted that all we do is hike! I love it!

I love Stoo. I MUST admit…SHE is the reason I go outside. I say this because it’s true….I say this so YOU know…I say this because if I don’t I’ll hafta hear about it! That last one was a joke. We get to know each other on these hikes. We watch each other’s backs on these hikes. We get our EXCERCISE ON with these hikes. There’s a reason I look as good as I do compared to some of my peers!

I DO have a “beer gut“…but…SO!? It’s from this!

Well, I spoke my peace ..enjoy the video!


Hiking on the trails of Tamarack

12 Jun


Hiking with coworkers was going to be fun team building experience that turned more into a lesson of me finding out who I was. Now I love to do things that are out of my comfort zone that people to refer to as crazy.  And this turned out to be another one of them.  Now, we met up at the gate which looked almost like the entry of somewhere we should not have been.  But then it began to lead us to a path that contained some beautiful sights. There was an amazing view of the canyon on one side and a lake on the other side that had a drop that I would hate to take.

Initially, this started out looking like this was going to be easy because it wasn’t like any of the trails of Torrey Pines so I thought.  I say that only because we only went to the top trail and made our way down and then back up; making note of all the other trails.

As we got further in and closer to the bottom of the mountain; that’s where I began to see that this was not an easy trail; but more on the moderate side.  I know I said that I wanted to step it up from easy to moderate.  But I had no real idea to expect.

The 2 hour trail started with us walking up a rock filled path.  Some of the paths started to feel like I was rock climbing because the paths were not as smooth as I thought they should be.  Instead we were trying to balance ourselves to avoid slipping and falling.  I was all in and way over my head all at the same time.  But as I got further in and saw how beautiful the view was behind me… I couldn’t wait to get to the top.

On the way up we saw a cave that we wanted to explore but there happened to be some belongings of a homeless person.  And I have learned that California is one of the best places in the world to be homeless.  So, we passed on discovering the cave and kept to the mission at hand…  Getting to the top of this beautiful mountain!  And the higher up the more breath-taking the view.

We saw some beautiful cactus like flowers that I don’t know the name of that has flowers growing out of them.  I thought they looked strangely beautiful because they were all alone.

Once high enough we were able to see way off into the horizon where I pointed out the direction of where our house was as well as some other familiar sights.  And then noticing how high we were and how I wouldn’t want to fall down there.

As we continued on our journey the trails became more challenging with bigger rocks to the point that I felt like were baby rock climbing because I was using the ground to help me take my next steps in some cases.  But to my surprise I was not alone there.  My coworker was doing the same thing.  Now my other coworker had done this trail before so she was our guide and inter mitten entertainment because she played the ukulele from time to time; which kinda took our minds off the difficulty of the trail.

Approaching the top was crazy because some of the paths became steep.  But once we were at the top we felt super accomplished and took in the views of the lake, homes, and the ocean.

After some short exploring; we headed back down.  And that’s where it got crazy for me and one other person.  We were actually walking on the edge of this mountain top and there no ropes, guards, or anything to protect you from a fall and the path down was kinda steep.  When we turned a slight corner I was ready to turn back around.  But there was no turning back.  I had to keep going if I wanted to get back to a more familiar ground.  I really had to mentally brace myself for the climb down.  Yes, you heard that correctly.  My coworker turned around and went feet first.  And I literally sat and walked down crab style.  It really made my husband laugh because he figured out how to walk down graciously.  I’m thinking part of my problem was that I was afraid of heights and doing this.

There were some fellow hikers that were behind us and we apologized for moving so slow.  They laughed at us playfully along with my husband.

Once we reached the bottom, we took a group photo as a reminder of the goal that we accomplished of standing at the top of the mountain behind us.

See ya on the next adventure.


The Mountain We “Conquered”


Now that we’ve hiked Torrey Pines, it’s an addictive case of finding more and more trails, now. As Savadra said this trip was spearheaded by friends of hers. It was presented to me and I jumped at the chance. At the same time it was an opportunity to meet some of her friends and interview on in particular – Isann.

From my understanding, Isann released an album, years ago, and the sales helped finance the building of a school in the Philippines. Amazing. Unfortunately, the video camera batteries died so I didn’t get the interview. I will, though.

After meeting up with her friends at the gate, we wasted no time and got our “hike on”. Seeing what we were up against, it was almost intimidating. There were lots of steep hills and rocks. Great amounts of plant life, too. As we were making our way up, you could see that this is definitely a popular spot. The occasional beer can here and there, a cave (which we will see on another trip out there), graffiti and other hikers.

With the spot being more inland it helped that we went at a time when the sun was blocked by the clouds. Otherwise, it would’ve felt like hell out there in the heat!

We kept seeing these flowers that grew out in the middle of some of the “gnarliest “shrubbery. It was like a rose growing in the middle of the jungle. I would look behind us just to see the beautiful horizon. You could see across Carlsbad out to the Pacific Ocean and the beaches. A beautiful sight!

I will say, I thought the hike was gonna take longer than it did. It took about 30-45 minutes to get to the top. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t an easy hike.

It was a fun hike, though.

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