Local Brews Local Grooves at the House of Blues, San Diego

18 Jun

Kevin and Savadra



I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Local Brews Local Grooves at the San Diego House of Blues.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect because when it comes to bands in California they cover the spectrum. And beer isn’t really my forte.  But I must admit… I had a great time.

The evening started out with some buffalo chicken wings and French fried from that were really great!  And then we went downstairs to the concert hall (I think).  But when we got down there we could hear the faint sounds of music.  The atmosphere was great for a Friday night.

There were about 14 bands that covered a range of music from pop to rock and roll on 2 stages.  And I don’t think that anything was missed.  There was Latin music fused with Reggae undertones, pop with electron dance, and down home blues from the soft to the most hardcore fused with a little Rap.  California allows all artists to create their niche and I think I saw it all from the young to the not so young.  There were a few artists that stuck out in my mind for various reasons.

The Pacific Rails reminded me of the sounds and guitar riffs of Carlos Santana, Nikki Wilkins made me think of a rising pop star because she had it all… The look, the voice, and the stage presence… Nikki Wilson is definitely on her way!    Sunday Hustle blew me away with their Rhythm and Blues sound; not to be mistaken for R&B.  These 2 woman sang like it was no bodies business and they were so in tune with each other that  they even went for their water at the same time (which I thought was cute.  Alas de Mosca touched my Latin side in a great way.  And I don’t think that I can say enough about Lisa Sanders!  Lisa has soul like she invented soul herself.  Her songs told a story that you could feel as if she wrote the song for each audience member while not losing any piece of her. When I saw her coming in at dinner I was like… This lady is gonna bring it… And that she did!  There were so many bands that sang the blues that I lost count.  I had no idea I loved Blues so much.  And California has some of the best Blues singers for your money.  I look forward to supporting all of these local bands.

You should check them out for yourself: The Pacific Rails, Two Worlds, Talk Like June, Sunday Hustle, Colin Clyne, The Black Sands, Leanna May and the Matadors, Nikki Wilkins Band, Lisa Sanders, Alas De Mosca, Roni Lee Group, Jesse Nova, Lessons From Zeke, and Big Penny.  You will NOT regret supporting these local San Diegans… I PROMISE!!!!

Sorry for the grainy look.. These photos were taken with my phone without the flash! I didn’t bring my camera…


Umm…what she said…

Here were the acts:

  1. The Pacific Rails – reminded me of Santana for some reason.Damn sure good music.
  2.  Two Worlds
  3. Talk Like June  – I didn’t know that Blues could sound so damn good!Last time I saw Blue live was in Kansas City.They ROCKED THE HOUSE!! I like how the dude on the harmonica kicked a rap verse…with ease.Y’all go!
  4. Sunday Hustle  – Two Sexy females with a GREAT band backing them.That’s all I’ll say because my wife is blogging with me.
  5. Colin Clyne 
  6. The Black Sands
  7. Leanna May and the Matadors
  8. Nikki Wilkins Band  – A cutie with Soul.Great band backing them.Obviuosly, she has a following because some dude kept yelling out his love for her.
  9. Lisa Sanders – When this group came out, I thought , “What are these folks gonna do?”They don’t look how they sound.I have to apologize for judging the book by its cover.Lisa was a damn good singer (Brown Sugar,too).They had a great following and we even talked to her sister in the audience.Great band!
  10. Alas De Mosca – This was my favorite group of them all.They did this song called “Egun” that rocked my whole being!I’m STILL looking for that song! I hit them up on Facebook as soon as I got home!
  11.  Roni Lee Group – This woman WAS the epitome of Rock ‘n Roll.She was a lil’ time bomb who proved GIRLS ROCK!! She wrote songs for the group The Runaways ( which is a movie, by the way)
  12. Jesse Nova – This was the last group I can remember seeing. I judged this book by the cover , too.This man did hid thing.Loud and Proud.
  13. Lessons From Zeke 
  14. Big Penny

I’m not gonna lie to you. I was there for the beers! I will say though, some of the groups stood out in my mind.Which is why I have few words.Here are some pics:

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