Torrey Pines : Hiking monthly

1 May

ImageThere have been a lot of thoughts in my mind of hiking over the past few years.  But the thought of going into a territory filled with wild animals was not something that I could partake in as a black woman raised by overweight women.  And I watch too much TV!!

So, this Easter, the family and I went hiking at Torry Pines Reserve.  As we approached our destination my daughter was like, “where is this place”? And I pointed to the top of a mountain that we parked at the bottom of.  I remember being just like her and she was probably cursing me out in her head.  But it was Easter and the only other choice would have been staying home alone.

The first start was a dirt trail with wooden planks to the main road that took you to the beginning of all of the trails. I wasn’t sure how much over my head I was in until we were midway to the top.  I was so out of breath and mentally unprepared for walking up the side of a mountain.  But after the perseverance and determination of reaching the top that had an amazing view…we pressed on.  At the top of one of the High Point view locations you could see off into the horizon of the Pacific Ocean and the sights that surround I5 South.  The views were so beautiful! They reminded me of how beautiful life is in a new way.  I have been enjoying nature by way of the SD Zoo and Safari Park (Wild Animal Park) but hiking was definitely invigorating and a new way!

I thought reaching the top was challenging, but the journey to the bottom and back up was insane. Not like being in the jungle insane, but more like being out of my comfort zone insane.  And we fell in LOVE!!!

I got to enjoy Gods creations in a whole different perspective.  I was standing on the top of a mountain on the day that Jesus rose for my sins.  It gave me the opportunity to take into account all of the things that I was blessed with.  There were so many other trails that we passed.  But that doesn’t mean that they won’t be traveled on by Mr. and Mrs. Holmes!  That’s right! We are going to do all of the trails there.  And will be going to Elfin Forrest to hike and have a wine lunch at the top with friends.  I look forward to sharing some amazing views and conversations with my husband.

I know I have all of these wild things that I want my husband and daughter to try, (this being one if you know them) but they have finally opened up to trying new things with me.  Hiking is now going to be a part of our monthly family activity!!!   And it started this blog!!!!!

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