Jeezy: Nobody In This Game Got My Credentials… It’s Me & 2Pac, That’s It

5 Aug

Sir Mix-A-Lot Discusses Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” Sampling “Baby Got Back”

5 Aug

Lil’ Kim Disses Nicki Minaj On Remix To ‘Flawless’ Remix [AUDIO]

5 Aug

The Urban Daily


And we thought it was going to be a dull summer. Less than a day after Beyonce released the remix to her hit ‘Flawless‘ featuring Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Kim  has jumped on the track adding a retort disparaging Nicki’s claim to being the queen of rap.


“Am I tripping or did this hoe just say my name?” she says. “Queen of rap? F*ck outta here/ Queen’s back, f*ck outta here/ Time to get this wack b*tch up outta here.”

Lil’ Kim goes on to talk about just having given birth “just a week ago” and closes out the verse about her Presidential head game.

This verse comes just as Nicki finished a radio interview blitz to promote “Anaconda” and said she would happily do a song with Remy Ma, who was just released from prison.

Can we all just get along? Or Nah?


Lil Kim…

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Jay Z Champions “Less Prisons, More Schools” On Stage In California

5 Aug

The Urban Daily

Jay Z In Concert - St Paul, MinnesotaJay Z is no stranger to the politics game. In fact, he’s quite skilled in blurring the lines and using hip-hop as a vehicle to spread political messages. From his widely public support of President Obama to using his On The Run Tour stage Aug 3 at the Rose Bowl in California to support Proposition 47.

The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act of 2014 aims to adjust sentences for minor and nonviolent crimes from felonies to misdemeanors. Money saved on less harsh punishments will then go to schools, mental health treatment and victim services.

During his “Hard Knock Life” performance, Jay took a moment to voice his support for building “more schools, less prisons.”

Those against Proposition 47 are concerned that if the initiative passes, it will require the release of thousands of already convicted felons on misdemeanor charges, risking returning them into the community to commit more crimes…

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Drake Brings Out J. Cole, G-Unit, Usher, Trey Songz & More At OVO Fest (PHOTOS)

5 Aug

Hiking Torrey Pines, Differently

20 Aug


Ink at Torrey Pines..Looking Good, baby!


We did it again! Savadra is on a STRONG campaign for the two of us to hike. She even has a Hiking app in her phone! Her goal is to hit 21 trails listed in the app! I’m all for it.

It’s at the point that every Friday after work, my boss/buddy asks me where I’m hiking. He just takes it for granted that all we do is hike! I love it!

I love Stoo. I MUST admit…SHE is the reason I go outside. I say this because it’s true….I say this so YOU know…I say this because if I don’t I’ll hafta hear about it! That last one was a joke. We get to know each other on these hikes. We watch each other’s backs on these hikes. We get our EXCERCISE ON with these hikes. There’s a reason I look as good as I do compared to some of my peers!

I DO have a “beer gut“…but…SO!? It’s from this!

Well, I spoke my peace ..enjoy the video!

Comedy Palace: Carlos Azaraqui

23 Jul

Carlos Azaraqui and Me


This was a great night!

Savadra had tickets to the American Comedy Company and while we were on our way, I got a text from The Comedy Palace for free tickets to a show happening that same night with Carlos Azaraqui (Reno 911, the voice of the Taco Bell dog). I quickly made reservations!! The show at ACC ended in enough time for us to be there on time.

We’ve been there before for Mario Joyner which was a GREAT show! The line wasn’t that long to get in, which was GREAT, too.

The show was hosted by Zach Miller who broke down the house rules. We were veterans this time, so we knew what to expect – so we thought. He added some additional rules this round.

The first comic was Russell Hicks. THIS GUY IS HILARIOUS. The last time we were there he was the last opening act and he had us in stitches with is “improv” style, this time he was the first. I knew we were in for a good show with that arrangement. He’s skilled enough to keep the audience with nonstop laughs.

The next comic was a brother named Leo Flowers. Originally from Chicago, he was HILARIOUS, too. He covered domestic violence with grapes, his father, the audience and his light brown eyes (as well as how men deal with looking at them).This guy was as good as the headliner. He took Russell’s skills to the next level. I’d see him again.

The last guy was Carlos Azaraqui. This man was VERY funny. He talked about his 12 month old and how she keeps him up all day. He talked about being from a family from Argentina (he did an impression of his Mom – great stuff). He did sound effects, too. I plan on keeping up with him.

Quick story: While we were outside waiting to get in the club, we noticed these two guys who were , obviously, acts from the club, a tall black man and a short white-haired white man. I approached them and talked to them as if they were opening acts that I had seen before at the Comedy Palace. I’m being confident that I’ve seen them before and they confirmed I was wrong. Well, once they got onstage I didn’t realize that I was talking to Leo and Carlos. I felt like a complete dummy! I posted it on my wall that night (June 29, 2012).Wow.

Overall, the show was great!To be able to catch two shows at two venues in one night was even better!

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